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QRSS signal reaches Florida

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VA3STL 30m QRSS beacon received in Flordia by KJ4LDF

VA3STL 30m QRSS beacon (top trace) received in Flordia by KJ4LDF

After taking a little time from the family and making some CW contacts as part of Straight Key Night, I decided to fire up the 30m QRSS beacon. I was very pleased to later find a nice e-mailed  reception report on my beacon from Florida. Scott, KJ4LDF, had captured my signal using the Gator Amateur Radio Club station, W4DFU, at the University of Florida.

Scott included a nice message about the blog in the e-mail and said that it was QRSS that got him interested in amateur radio.  Thanks again Scott for the report, the first of 2010!

If anyone wants to learn about QRSS then here is a good starting point.  Any QRSS beacon operator will appreciate a reception report if you receive  their signal.

Read more: VA3STL's Weblog


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