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1. Motorola P110
(Download:Transceiver Schematics/Motorola)
Motorola P110 schematic datasheets ...
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
2. Motorola GP300
(Download:Transceiver Schematics/Motorola)
Motorola GP300 schematic datasheets ...
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
3. Motorola GM350
(Download:Transceiver Schematics/Motorola)
Motorola GM350 schematic datasheets ...
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
4. Motorola GM300PA25-45
(Download:Transceiver Schematics/Motorola)
Motorola GM300PA25-45 schematic datasheets ...
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
5. Motorola Devour Announced
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Today the Devour is rumor no more. Motorola has just issued a press release announcing its launch. This sleek smartphone has a similar design to the Droid, with a thinner profile and a keyboard that looks ...
Wednesday, 03 February 2010
6. Motorola Droid Devour Features Leaked (Maybe)
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Motorola has twenty new Android phones set to roll out this year, and one of them is known to be the Droid Devour (AKA Motorola Calgary). While weve been hearing rumors of the Calgary for a while, its ...
Sunday, 31 January 2010
7. Google Nexus Two Phone Coming From Motorola
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Google is selling the Nexus One Android phone since earlier this month. The Nexus One is built buy HTC. According to The Street, Motorola said to analysts that they are working with Google on a phone that ...
Thursday, 28 January 2010
8. Motorola Zeppelin Sighted, Detailed
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Ever since I was a little boy Ive wanted a Zeppelin of my very own. Sadly, this new Zeppelin from Motorola is just a smartphone, and not the intercontinental airship of my dreams. Read more: New ...
Thursday, 28 January 2010
9. Motorola XT800 Launches In China
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Motorola has launched their best smartphone since the Droid. . . over in China. The launch event for the XT800 smartphone was held in Bejing today. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline  ...
Tuesday, 29 December 2009
All the phones feature a 3. 7-inch WVGA, touchscreen display, 5 MP camera, run on Android and except for the Sholes Tablet, which is reported to be also available in Russia in 2010, they are all exclusively ...
Sunday, 20 December 2009
11. Droid Update Android 2.0.1 Available Now
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
If you own a Motorola Droid, your 2. 0. 1 update could be on the way right now. Verizon has confirmed that the roll-out is happening now. If you havent received the over-the-air update yet, you can go ...
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
12. Motorola funding ultrasonic multitouch
Paris-based Sensitive Object has received funding from Motorola for further development of its sound-based touch-surface technology, ReverSys.Read more: bit-tech.net Feed  ...
Friday, 04 December 2009
The Motorola Droid is a fine device, but its also an expensive device. Its clear that Motorola needs big, flashy devices like the Droid to rebuild their name and create hype for their Android line.  ...
Friday, 04 December 2009
14. Motorola Droid: $188 At Wal-Mart?
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
This Friday is the day Android fans around the globe have been waiting for. The Motorola Droid is about to launch, and scores of Android fanboys will (presumably) be lining the streets to get first dibs ...
Thursday, 05 November 2009
15. Tethering For The Motorola Droid Is Near
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Verizon subscribers now have yet another reason to choose the Motorola Droid. While the current incarnation of Big Reds flagship smartphone is fairly hot, it lacks the ability to act as a modem for your ...
Wednesday, 04 November 2009
16. ZAGG Offers invisibleSHIELD for Droid
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The Motorola DROID will go on sale this week on Verizon Wireless. To keep your future DROID safe without having to hide its good looks inside a case, ZAGG has announced it is now offering the invisibleSHIELD ...
Tuesday, 03 November 2009
17. Xperia X10 Android Phone Unveiled
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Motorola is on the upswing with its new Android phones. Will Android also be the saviour for Sony Ericsson? Sony Ericsson just unveiled the Xperia X10, formerly known as Xperia X3 or Rachel. Read ...
Monday, 02 November 2009
18. Motorola Cliq Ships With Bug?
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Oops! Someone at Motorola didnt check their work quite as thoroughly as they should have. According to Android and Me quite a few owners of the Motorola Cliq have reported a glitch that stops several popular ...
Monday, 02 November 2009
19. Motorola Milestone Is Official In Germany
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The Motorola Milestone appeared already over the weekend, but now Motorola presents the Milestone aka Droid in full glory on their German site. There is actually one interesting difference between the ...
Sunday, 01 November 2009
The Motorola Droid gets a new name when it arrives on O2 in Germany. The Droid will be known as Milestone. I guess because Verizon Wireless takes ownership of the Droid brand, other carriers have to come ...
Sunday, 01 November 2009
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