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1. Samsung Bringing Android 2.1 Smartphone To MWC
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Samsung has just announced the new M100S, an Android 2. 1 smarphone set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Conference. Android and Me reports that the device is most likely using a Samsung ARM 11 processor.  ...
Thursday, 04 February 2010
2. Motorola Devour Announced
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Today the Devour is rumor no more. Motorola has just issued a press release announcing its launch. This sleek smartphone has a similar design to the Droid, with a thinner profile and a keyboard that looks ...
Wednesday, 03 February 2010
3. Motorola Droid Devour Features Leaked (Maybe)
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Motorola has twenty new Android phones set to roll out this year, and one of them is known to be the Droid Devour (AKA Motorola Calgary). While weve been hearing rumors of the Calgary for a while, its ...
Sunday, 31 January 2010
4. Google Nexus Two Phone Coming From Motorola
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Google is selling the Nexus One Android phone since earlier this month. The Nexus One is built buy HTC. According to The Street, Motorola said to analysts that they are working with Google on a phone that ...
Thursday, 28 January 2010
5. Archos 7 Android Tablet w/ Flash Storage Leaked
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
There is of course an Archos 7 Tablet on the Archos site running on Linux. This new scoop from ArchosLounge points to an Android-based Archos 7 tablet. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline ...
Thursday, 28 January 2010
... the iPhone (and eventually WebOS and Android smartphones) for wireless access.Read more: Yahoo! News: Technology News  ...
Thursday, 07 January 2010
7. Interest in Android surges
A survey has revealed that consumer interest in Google's Android platform has surged 15 percentage points in the last three months - rapidly catching up to market leader Apple's iPhone.Read more: bit-tech.net ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
8. Google Nexus One Store Is Live
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The Google Nexus One page is live. The Google Android press-event is still going on. You can purchase the Nexus One with a T-Mobile contract right now. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
9. Nexus One Comes To Vodafone, ?199
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
While the Nexus One press conference is currently ongoing, we have some news on the handsets European availability (via Android and Me). Le Point, a French paper, reports that Vodafone will be the first ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
10. Sony Xperia X10 Coming To Rogers Wireless
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Congratulations Canada! One of the neatest high-end Android smartphones out there is about to roll on over to one of your carriers. Phandroid reports that Rogers has sent out a press release announcing ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
11. Nexus One Reviews Hit The Web
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Google is announcing the Nexus One officially on Tuesday, January 5th. Hands-on reviews of the Nexus One Android handset have now appeared after lots of tidbits that surfaced from Google employees who ...
Sunday, 03 January 2010
12. General Mobile Cosmos Android Phone Photos Leak
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
A new year, a new phone. General Mobiles second Android smartphone is about to launch, and thanks to Mobile Burn, we now know its name; the Cosmos. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline  ...
Friday, 01 January 2010
13. Google Announces Android (Nexus One?) Event, Jan. 5
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Things rarely work out quite this neatly for us. It appears weve just received a hefty dose of confirmation for a rumor that leaked out earlier today. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
14. Motorola XT800 Launches In China
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Motorola has launched their best smartphone since the Droid. . . over in China. The launch event for the XT800 smartphone was held in Bejing today. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline  ...
Tuesday, 29 December 2009
15. Best Buy Mobile Offers Big Savings on HTC DROID Eris
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Its the week of Christmas and if you still have shopping to do, its not too late. Best Buy Mobile is offering a sweet deal on the HTC DROID Eris that is good until December 26. Read more: New from ...
Monday, 21 December 2009
All the phones feature a 3. 7-inch WVGA, touchscreen display, 5 MP camera, run on Android and except for the Sholes Tablet, which is reported to be also available in Russia in 2010, they are all exclusively ...
Sunday, 20 December 2009
17. Oppo is to unveil a Multitouch Android Smart Phone
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Known rather as a manufacturer of PMPs, OPPO obviously has decided to step in another popular sphere and try his chances with this promising, sleek model. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline ...
Wednesday, 16 December 2009
Developpers by CJK, the Camangi Webstation is a nice little Android (1. 5) based web table, with a 7 (800x480) touchscreen, running a PXA303 CPU @ 624MHz (Marvell CPU), with 128MB of Nand Memory and 256MB ...
Wednesday, 16 December 2009
19. Oppo Launching Multitouch Android Smartphone
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Weve just heard word via Akihabara news that PMP manufacturer Oppo has decided to start working on an Android smartphone. So far, we know that it will feature a 3. Read more: New from Electronics ...
Wednesday, 16 December 2009
20. Acer A1 Smartphone Ships In UK
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The A1 Liquid is Acers first stab at an Android handset. It gained some early notoriety for packing an (underclocked) 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline  ...
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
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