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Longtime Resident, Advocate and Perpetual Volunteer (KD6WDV), Keeps Giving:

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WHITTIER - After her husband, Walter, died of brain cancer in 1985, Jean Wall's doctor gave her advice on how to cope with her grief. He told her to turn up the volume on the TV and start screaming. "I did it for one night until I no longer had a voice. It took me a month to get my voice back," Wall said. "Next day, I woke up and said, `Stupid, you had a great life with that man. Why are you in a pity pot?"' She then heeded her doctor and her minister's suggestion to do something. She volunteered at the YWCA, the Fire Department, the Sheriff's Department, the Lions Club in La Habra and other places. Everywhere. And she hasn't stopped volunteering since. She's done her share of being a cop's extra eyes and ears. As a member of a ham radio group, she was put in a tree in the garden section of the Home Depot in La Mirada to spy on thieves taking tools from vehicles. She radioed the license numbers and other info to the deputies. "All of a sudden, I get hit with water," Wall said. The store was watering the plants. She called it a day: "This is KD6WDV signing off. I'm drowning here!"

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