Ham Radio to the Rescue -- ARES Fills Communication Gaps:

Friday, 03 April 2009 20:09 eHAM.net
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During the Hayman Fire in 2002 one of biggest issues facing the firefighters besides the dry, windy conditions and containing one of Colorado's largest wildfires was communicating with the various agencies involved. "Communication is one of the first things to suffer during an emergency," said Wes Wilson, member of the Pikes Peak Amateur Radio Emergency Service. "That's where we step in. We use our radios to bridge the gaps between agencies." Pikes Peak ARES is a group of ham radio operators who provide radio communications "When all else fails," -- part of the ARES motto, which finishes with "amateur radio works." "We call ourselves amateurs but in an emergency we have to be professionals," Wilson said. "Lives depend on us."

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