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Ham Helps Crews Safely Reach Stranded Men:

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BURLEY -- Two Idaho Falls men were rescued from Mount Harrison by search crews early Thursday morning after spending more than 30 hours in a communications shed during a blizzard. The pair kept in contact with the Cassia County sheriff's dispatch Tuesday night by cell phone and figured they would wait out the storm. Later when the cell phone went dead they were able to use a radio in the building to reach Terry Fletcher of Twin Falls on an all-call frequency. Fletcher relayed information to the sheriff's office for several hours. "When I first heard them, I thought it was either somebody playing around or somebody really in trouble," Fletcher said Thursday. Fletcher said his HAM radio, or amateur radio, is a hobby and he regularly monitors several frequencies. He was just glad to be able to help, he said. "That's a part of why a good many HAM operators do this," Fletcher said. Hawley said he and Wheeler were fairly comfortable and this was not the first time he has been snowed in on the mountain.

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