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Amateur Radio Grants Help Bob Jones Set Up Station:

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The Amateur Radio Relay League is in tune with training for Madison educators and students. Teachers attended a wireless technology institute this summer, while an on-site, school-based weather station is under construction at Bob Jones High School. ARRL grants are providing "real-world application and project-based assessment to our students in physics, engineering and astronomy," Bob Jones Assistant Principal Julie Finley said. Bob Jones received a grant for equipment from ARRL with its "Stations in Schools" program, which promotes amateur radio participation among youth. "Amateur radio is voice-only but operates on many frequencies and bands," said Dave Frederick, who sponsors the Amateur Radio Club and teaches physics and astronomy at Bob Jones. Initially, the Bob Jones station will operate on HF, VHF and UHF bands. Later, the station will expand to satellite communications channels and bands. "Around-the-globe voice communications will be possible for the student operators," Frederick said. In the future, the station will be capable of operating as a weather-monitoring and reporting station. Also, the Bob Jones site will receive National Weather Service bulletins. "An important consequence of the training and equipment that ARRL has provided to Madison City Schools will be the integration of wireless technology knowledge into the science programs of all schools - from elementary grades through high school," Frederick said. An ARRL grant paid for teachers from Madison schools to attend the 2009 Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology. This training was held at various sites, including Roswell, N.M.; Rocklin, Calif.; and Tucson, Ariz.

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