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31. SMART Announces New Business Solutions
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
SMART is one of the leading companies that provide interactive whiteboard to schools and other educational facilities. Today, the company announced the beginning of their new SMART business solutions. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
02/02/2010 | 764 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

32. Joe Kane Suggest Better Way to Get a CinemaScope View at Home
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
The CinemaScope view is generally the optimal way to watch movies. It provides a full screen view of the image with out any letterboxing. While there are many lenses that will allow a projector to display CinemaScope views, Joe Kane from Joe Kane...
02/02/2010 | 985 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

33. Barco Supplies Projectors for Berlin International Film Festival
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Barco is a global leader in digital cinema projection technology. Today, the company is proud to announce that they have been selected to be the exclusive digital cinema projector provider for the Berlinales 60th International Film Festival. ...
02/02/2010 | 1153 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

34. Digital Projection is Official Provider of 2010 Sundance Film Festival
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Digital Projection is an Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of high performance projection systems. Recently, the company was proud to be selected as the official provider of video projection for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Read more: New...
02/02/2010 | 955 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

35. Sony Vaio E-Series Have New Colors, Low Price
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
When you hear Vaio the word expensive probably comes to mind also. Sonys hip notebook series is famous for having great physical design and a correspondingly high price. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
02/02/2010 | 643 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

36. Eiki Announces Plant for the Planet Program
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Eiki has announced today that they will be launching a new program that will help improve the condition of the planet. The program is called Plant for the Planet and it states that for each digital projector that customers purchase, Eiki will plant...
02/02/2010 | 1031 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

37. Mystery Projector Phone Surfaces in China
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
There is a new projector phone on the market, but unfortunately its in China only. Their no specifications available at this time, but based on the commercial above, the projector uses an LCoS display chip and it also comes with a zoom feature to...
02/02/2010 | 1144 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

38. iPhone 4G Prototype Spotted?
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Remember that photo of the iPad that leaked out right before the launch? Well there was a smartphone plugged into the tablet. Thanks to the pictures semi-unfocused quality, and the excitement over the iPad, no one paid the phone much mind. ...
02/02/2010 | 1537 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

39. Christie Releases LX505 and LX605 Projectors
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Christie is a global visual technologies company. Today, the company announced the release of two new small venue projectors, the LX505 and LX605. These projectors are targeted towards classrooms, boardrooms, and small auditoriums and come with a...
02/02/2010 | 1134 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

40. Alienware M11X: A Gaming Netbook
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Ive been a gamer most of my life, but Ive never owned a gaming computer. Sure, I buy nice graphics cards for my desktop and I make sure Ive got the RAM and processor I need to handle the games I want to play, but every machine Ive ever owned has...
02/02/2010 | 1217 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...


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