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1. Xperia X10 Headed For T-Mobile After All?
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
When the X10 was first unveiled, rumor had it would be coming to both T-Mobile & AT&T. Then it came out that the X10 wouldnt have support for T-Mos 1700 MHz band, and we thought that the new Xperia would be AT&T only. Read more:...
06/12/2009 | 997 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

2. Xperia X10 Hands-On Shows Why We Have To Wait Until 2010
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Sony Ericsson unveiled today their first Android phone with the Xperia X10 formerly known as Xperia X3. The Xperia X10 looks like a great Android smartphone with a cool UI dubbed UX, powered by the 1Ghz Snap Dragon CPU and a big 4-inch screen. ...
03/11/2009 | 736 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

3. Xperia X10 Android Phone Unveiled
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Motorola is on the upswing with its new Android phones. Will Android also be the saviour for Sony Ericsson? Sony Ericsson just unveiled the Xperia X10, formerly known as Xperia X3 or Rachel. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
02/11/2009 | 835 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

4. XKCD: More Accurate
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
We live in a world where there are actual fleets of robot assassins patrolling the skies. At some point there, we left the present and entered the future. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
20/10/2009 | 562 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

5. X-Driven Vehicle DVR
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Vehicle DVR is something weve talked about before, such as KarKorder we saw at CES 2009. This time we have something smaller and more streamlined. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
05/05/2009 | 600 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

6. Xobni Blackberry Screenshots Out!
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Weve got some excitement in the Blackberry community today, as a screenshot of the new Xobni Outlook app has just hit the mean streets of the Internet. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
01/05/2009 | 595 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

7. XC Encore OE700, latest Aopen Core 2 Duo Shuttle
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Direct competitor to Shuttle, Aopen offer quite a nice selection of compact desktop case like todays XC Encore OE700 supporting Penrym Core 2 Duo CPU, and based in the GM45 Express Chipset with ICH9M and HDMI Out. Read more: New from...
13/04/2009 | 876 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

8. Xandros instant-on Presto Linux distro now available for download-o
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
It looks like those itching to try out Xandros instant-on Presto Linux distribution neednt linger in drawn out boot processes any longer, as the beta version of the OS is now finally available for download from all the usual sources. Read...
19/03/2009 | 702 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

9. XRoad G-Map iPhone navigation map gets reviewed, patted on the back
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
While the world waits for a tried-and-true navigation app from Apple, XRoad is taking advantage of the situation by offering up its G-Map app in the interim. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline
09/03/2009 | 514 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

10. Xbox Live tallies 1 million Netflix Watch Instantly activations, 1.5 billion minutes served
Author : www.ElectronicsInfoline.com
Bad news first: there might be a bit more competition than you expected for that home theater giveaway. Good luck bringing down Netflixs shooting star though, as if last weeks good news train wasnt enough comes news that over a million Xbox Live...
04/02/2009 | 785 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

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