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Welcome to Ham Radio Data Center, free diy schematics and datasheets

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Users revolt after The Pirate Bay's sale

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Following The Pirate Bay's announcement that it will sell to a Swedish software firm, it comes as no surprise to see that the site's users have revolted.

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Ham Radio Demonstrates Emergency Response:

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When the usual means of communications overload during a crisis, amateur radio operators come to the rescue, often saving lives and property. Amateur, or ham, radio operators across the country will demonstrate these emergency capabilities at their 77th annual Field Day on June 27 and 28. Last year, more than 30,000 operators participated in the event. Four hundred ham radio operators reside in Shelby County, many of whom will participate in Field Day. "We're self-contained, meaning we carry our own equipment and power supplies and aren't dependent on infrastructure," said Rod Scott, a Field Day organizer. "Also, we're frequency-agile, so if one frequency isn't working, we can change frequencies to make contact." During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, ham radio operators provided a reliable means of communication by sending messages without using phone lines or the internet, Scott said.

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Young Optics Says Pico Projector Shipments are Smaller than Expected

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Young Optics is a Taiwan-based light engine manufacturer. Recently, the company announced their shipments of pico projector engines have been a lot lower than they expected.

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HP ProBook - New Affordable Laptop Line for Businesses

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Hewlett-Packard announced today the HP ProBook, an affordable notebook PC line for small and medium business users. The HP ProBook s-series includes the 14-inch HP ProBook 4410s and 4415s, 15.

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RealD Introduces RealD LP (Linear Polarizing Z Screen)

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RealD is one of the leading companies that are associated with 3D display technology. Today they are proud to announce the introduction of their LP (Linear Polarizing Z Screen) device.

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Weekend fun…

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View Down

A little weekend fun…

A tower with stacked beams and a foursquare fell in love and decided to get married.

The wedding sucked.

But the reception was INCREDIBLE.

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Amateur Radio News – July 2009

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Wellesley Amateur Radio Society participates in ‘Field Day’
Wellesley Townsman – MA, USA
Photo by Lowell Bursch By Staff reports The Wellesley Amateur Radio Society participates in “Field Day” each year (sometimes in Wellesley, sometimes in
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Kansas City Star

Raytown Amateur Radio Club Field Day
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
The Raytown Amateur Radio Club participated in Field Day, an annual 24-hour emergency preparedness exercise held in the US and Canada the fourth weekend in
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Amateur radio volunteers test emergency communication skills in
Seminole Chronicle – Oviedo,FL,USA
By Matt McKinley | July 01, 2009 When disaster strikes, amateur radio operators are often the first to provide information and observations to responders.
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Winter Park/Maitland Observer

Pilots of the airwaves
Winter Park/Maitland Observer – Winter Park,FL,USA
But on the last weekend of June every year, they go global, challenging amateur radio clubs worldwide to see who’s the great communicator on the airwaves.
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Jul 01 ARRL In Action: What Have We Been Up to Lately?
ARRL – Hartford,CT,USA
Along with a group of volunteers, ARRL Sales and Marketing Manager Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R, promoted Amateur Radio to the 70000 people who attended Maker
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2008 ARRL Annual Report Now Available
ARRL – Hartford,CT,USA
“As ARRL began 2008, the main question facing us was whether the growth spurt that the Amateur Radio Service had enjoyed the previous year would continue,”
See all stories on this topic
Ham radio operators communicate with world
Valencia County News Bulletin – Belen,NM,USA
He’s one of many amateur radio operators, also known as hams, who participated in this year’s National Field Day for Amateur Radio on Saturday.
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Family: Tower victim not one to take risks
South Bend Tribune – South Bend,IN,USA
Contrary to the impression some might have, Matt Severin, public information officer for the Blossomland Amateur Radio Association, said Field Day is not
See all stories on this topic
Amateur radio operators assist emergency service
Bethany Beach Wave – Bethany Beach,DE,USA
Instead, it was the voice of an amateur radio operator — a private citizen working with the police to improve emergency communications in the event of a
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Jul 01 It Seems to Us: Support HR 2160!
ARRL – Hartford,CT,USA
Steve Israel of New York introduced the Amateur Radio Communications Consistency Act to require reasonable accommodation of amateur communications in
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Georgia-Florida SKYWARN: KBOX [012105]: Preliminary Local Storm
By Jay Reid
Georgia-Florida SKYWARN – http://georgia-skywarn.blogspot.com/
My bleat about Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
By callum
This really is a desperate time for Amateur Radio but most of the culprits will die before the real shit hits the fan in 15-20 years time. Where’s the clear communication strategy? Where’s the resource to implement?
MØMCX – http://www.m0mcx.co.uk/
NQ3X – Radio Free Raubsville – OMG!!1!
Entertainment Music Culture News & Politics Technology. Interest, Region, Site & User, FAQ, Email, IM Info. Recent Entries · Archive · Friends · User Info. NQ3X – Radio Free Raubsville – OMG!!1! Amateur Radio from Raubsville, PA
NQ3X – Radio Free Raubsville – http://nq3x.livejournal.com/
N4EMG: CQ from North Carolina: Mandatory vacation and ham radio
So, trying to make the best of a crappy situation I decided to take a trip to Atlanta and visit Ham Radio Outlet. Last year, while working near Cleveland, I visited AES, so this was a good opportunity to compare.
N4EMG: CQ from North Carolina – http://n4emg.blogspot.com/
Momentum Progress To A Healthy lifestyle: Fitness Journal
By Deborah
We have one dog, a puppy named Annie. She is a lab-mix. Her color is yellow or(cream). I am a Wakefield skywarn amateur radio net control operator for district 5. Whick includes Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Va. Beach.
Momentum Progress To A Healthy lifestyle – http://momentum-moments.blogspot.com/

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Apple patent application reveals new display housing, mythical tablet nowhere to be found

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Weve seen plenty of patent applications from Apple describing a tablet and its interface over the years, and this morning another has been making the rounds, purported by many to give a glimpse at that devices internals.

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Light Blue Optics Discuss Their Holographic Laser Projector Engine

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Light Blue Optics has been one of the most talked about pico projector companies in the past few months. Most of the reason is for their latest announcement to develop a touch-enabled holographic laser LCoS projection engine.

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Archos 5 & 7 Firmware 1.6.03 supports HD Plugin

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The Archos 5 and 7 internet tablets will now enjoy ntive HD videos with the $20 HD Plug-in accessory after they update to Firmware 1. 6. 03.   These are 720 x 1280 videos playing at 24fps.

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Ham Radio Operators Aid Public Safety:

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Rick Kile was 14 years old when he was first licensed as a ham radio operator in the summer of 1966. Forty-three years later, the Loveland man still loves the hobby he discovered as a boy, though he has taken it to an adult level by helping emergency services."I still think it's almost magical that you can sit in your house and talk to someone across the world," he said. It is much different from picking up a telephone and dialing a friend or family member in another country. With the ham radio, you never know who you might reach or where they might be. It all depends on who is tuned in to what channel and atmospheric conditions. "It's a brotherhood that transcends ages, gender, political boundaries and ethnicity," said Dennis Dyer, a Loveland ham operator. While ham radio enthusiasts like Kile, Rob Strieby, Dyer and Dwight Stull, all of Loveland, chat with people near and far daily, many also volunteer to help emergency services providers.

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ViewSonic PJD6211Projector Review

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One of the latest projectors to come from ViewSonic is the PJD6211. This device features 2500 ANSI lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and XGA (1024 x 768) resolution.

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Mr. Wake Robot Alarm Clock Wont Survive Very Long

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Remember Clocky? The robotic alarm clock that rolls off and hides from you? Its clever. But not clever enough for someone like me, who has no trouble falling asleep on the floor after tracking Clocky down and shutting it off.

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Dell Adamo XPS Stars Briefely In Photo Shoot

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Dell keeps on teasing us with their new super-thin Dell Adamo XPS notebook. Yesterday Dell let the Adamo XPS out of the bag for a small press gathering.

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Video Friday: iRobot And Robot Babies Of Doom On The Daily Show

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Last week, iRobot CEO Colin Angle was interviewed by The Daily Shows Samantha Bee. They talk about Roombas, PackBots, and just what exactly the difference is between them.

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Futuristic Home Theater Built in Geodesic Dome House

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When most people think home theaters they think of the standard box-like room. Unfortunately that standard is not possible with a geodesic dome house.

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IBM Technology Alliance reveals 28nm chip plans

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IBM's partners, including AMD's former fabrication wing, GlobalFoundries, announce that they are developing 28nm chips.

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Hyundai to reveal ix35- the new European SUV at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Hyundai will present an all-new addition to the brands SUV line-up the ix35 at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The Hyundai ix35 joins the C-segment to replace the very successful Tucson.

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Asus Vento TA-M2 stylishly designed chassis for Maximum Thermal Performance

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The new Asus Vento TA-M2 stylishly designed chassis utilizes a sturdy and visually-pleasing design that incorporates a user-friendly screw-less design for easy installation; while providing an advanced ventilation system that maximizes thermal efficiency for key componentsespecially the CPU and graphics cards.

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A bit of surgery gives the HP Mini 1000 new sight

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HPs Mini 1000 might get all the ladies, but the netbook is not without its flaws. Apparently in the manufacturing process somebody forgot to remove the protective film from the webcam lens, giving thousands of netbooks incredibly impaired vision of their handsome owners.

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Amateur Radio Operators to Help Emergency Services:

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An emergency aid organisation in the US is appealing for amateur radio operators to come forward to help it provide assistance to those in need, a trend which could be reflected in the UK. The Waldo County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), based in the US state of Maine, has sent out a plea to amateur radio enthusiasts who may be able to lend their communication talents when official lines go down. According to VillageSoup, disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Maine ice storm of 1998 took down mobile and internet communications, but amateur radio may be helpful in emergencies, the EMA believes. A representative for the group told the news provider: "The most reliable and capable communications system during Hurricane Katrina was amateur radio."

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