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Optoma Announces TX542 Projector for August Release

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Among all the companies at InfoComm, Optoma has quietly announced their TX542 projector, which is designed to be both portable and useful for teachers and trainers.

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Intel Pine Trail M Netbook Platform Officially Launched

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Intel Corporation officially released today the next generation Atom CPU-based netbook platform, formerly known as Pine Trail M. Along with the new Intel Atom N450 processor that integrates the CPU, the memory controller, and the graphics chip on a single piece of silicon, the platform features a new low-power Intel NM10 Express Chipset.

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Robots No Follow Shirt

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< html> < head> < title>Awesome Shirt< > < META> < > < body> Another robotastic offering (and an HTML in-joke at the same time) from Chop Shop, best known (around here, anyway) for their 51 robots shirt (which, incidentally, is now available for pre-order with glow-in-the-dark robots).

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Ask A Trooper: Law Dictates Who Can Have Police Scanners in Motor Vehicle:

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Question: Who can legally have a police scanner in a motor vehicle? I was thinking about getting one just for the heck of it, but I don't want to get in trouble so I am asking first. What kind of penalty might there be for a violation of it? Thank you in advance. Answer: The law is very specific about who can have police scanners in a motor vehicle. There are four general groups of people who can have a police scanner in a motor vehicle: (1) Police officers (includes State Patrol); (2) people who hold an amateur radio license issued by the Federal Communications Commission; and (3) people who obtained a lawful permit from the superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Also, (4) employees or people under the charge of a chief law enforcement officer of a political subdivision that has a permit from the superintendent of the bureau may use and possess radio equipment while in the course and scope of duties or employment without have to obtain an individual permit. Amateur radio operators who have a police scanner in their motor vehicles also have to carry their amateur radio licenses with them in the motor vehicle at all times and have to present the license to a peace officer on request.

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Kernel and OSD2

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David Rowe tells me that my name is now in the linux kernel sources. I am glad I found a mention for a miniscule help done for David. His work with various projects are worth taking look at. Especially the Blackfin based Asterix port. There are very few people in the world who contributes to such “less-sexy” projects. But what David has done is probably as important a work as GNOME or GNU Emacs.

Past weeks, I had been hacking with the Neuros OSD2 which is based on TI DM6446 processor. I could get the basic kernel up and running. I could also get the framebuffer working. I thought of getting a simple application running. Then started the nightmare. Compiling any simple application which uses the DSP on the processor needs tons of TI written software which goes by strange acronyms like dsplink, cmem, codecengine, dmai, xdc etc etc. Some of them are provided with source but without makefiles, so that they are not buildable. Some of them have very strange directory structures, on one of the software archive, there are two directories at the same level, one is called “package” another called “packages”. Isn’t that funny and wierd ? One of the software (xdc?) has hardcoded names of Montavista toolchain built in, they needed to be changed and recompiled. The git version of the kernel has many features missing, making it just a name-sake port and not very useful. Who wants to just get the command prompt over serial working and type afew sell commands over shell? Such pleasures last for afew minutes and then one realises the reality that some real applications should be running in there.

Even after all these nerve wracking stuff, the application could not be used or compiled with full features. They used non-standard kernel include files, older kernel interfaces specific to TI capture/display device drivers etc. Finally I decided to give up. Many many hours of personal time was wasted, not to mention the money wasted in buying tools like debugger, a USB tv tuner card etc.

I have this Neuros OSD2, a Beagleboard, an XDS100 debugger, a Hauppage WinTV HVR-900 with composite input cable etc for sale. I will probably buy some good books with the proceeds. Do email me, if anyone wants those hardware.

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Concorde School Bags Hamfest India Title:

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BANGALORE: The Hamfest India 2009 title was awarded to the Royale Concorde International School, which competed with nine other schools for the coveted title, on Thursday. Ham radio or amateur radio has become the buzz word among school children and it was brought to the curriculum of the CBSE schools four years back. With great effort, S Sathyapal, director of Indian Institute of Ham, has been able to bring the amateur radio into these schools and make Ham, not just a hobby but also a fun techno-learning. "This year being the National Hamfest, we chose to organize a quiz on air and nine schools in Bangalore participated in it. With more schools installing the amateur radio in their campuses, it will be a great learning process for students and give them another career option."

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NTT DoCoMo customers can remit up to $208 just by inputting the DoCoMo payees mobile phone number

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NTT DoCoMo announced a new service that will enable an individual subscriber to use their DOCOMO mobile phone to easily and quickly remit money to another DoCoMo user, beginning on July 21 in Japan.

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French Amateur Radio balloon launch - today!

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French Radio Amateurs are launching a balloon carrying an Amateur Radio payload transmitting on 144.390 MHz FM on Tuesday 10th March between 11:00 and 13:00 GMT

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CATS. i (Covert Asset Tracking Systems) is a covert real time GPS tracking device. It is designed in the shape of standard cell phone battery so unsuspecting eyes would have no clue theyre being tracked.

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Astronaut passes amateur radio exam

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Amsat report that astronaut Doug Wheelock has passed his amateur radio licensing exam

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Donna Dubinsky steps down from Palms board, Rajiv Dutta steps in

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Courtesy of Palms most recent 8-K filing, the general public is being informed that Palms former CEO Donna Dubinsky (pictured) is stepping down from the firms board.

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Do It Yourself Projection Screen

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Do you want a cheap portable projector screen? Well so did this DIY expert, which is why he made his own. The screen is very simple and only takes about an hour to make.

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Projectiondesign F10 AS3D Receives Troph?es 2009 Award

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The Projectiondesign F10 AS3D projector was one of the first models to be able to display 3D content from a single lens. Today, the company announced that this model has one the Trophees 2009 Siel and Satis award for the event category.

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Vilivs S5 MID goes haptic, will move you in March

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Viliv has been showing some potential lately with its touchable upcoming products, the clean looking S7 netbook tablet and S5 MID. We received some further information on the latter of those two this morning, most notable being the inclusion of haptic feedback that should make its 4.

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T-Mobile Touch Pro2: August 12.

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Well, the cats well and truly out of the bag now, as we have photo confirmation of the specs and release date for the Touch Pro2 on T-Mo. Itll be hitting stores within the next couple of weeks, and available on T-Mobile starting August 12.

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Xandros instant-on Presto Linux distro now available for download-o

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It looks like those itching to try out Xandros instant-on Presto Linux distribution neednt linger in drawn out boot processes any longer, as the beta version of the OS is now finally available for download from all the usual sources.

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New Asus 1005PE With Atom N450 CPU Gets Reviewed

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The new Asus Eee PC 1005P leaked last week. CNet got already their hands on a Asus Eee PC 1005PE (Not sure yet if there is a difference between the 1005P and the 1005PE) and published a review.

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It is a very small portable character projector, based on inexpensive laser diodes, projecting a single line of text onto nearby walls and tables. It might be useful for projecting text from portable and wearable devices like cellhones and PocketPCs that will be connected, e.g., via wireless serial connection.

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Jack Binns on YouTube

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Earlier this year Radio Amateurs around the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of Marconi Wireless operator Jack Binns sending the radio distress call CQD when the RMS Republic was rammed. Six videos of the event from the Ham Radio Today show are now available on YouTube

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DC-ACPCDP, the latest Acrylic Cowboy PC Tower

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It has been a while since Digital Cowboy did not introduce one of their Acrylic PC Case. Just enough to hold your Motherboard (ATX and Micro ATX), your Power Supply, HDD and ODD, these Acrylic PC Case are extremely popular among Japanese Geeks.

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Mozilla demos CSP anti-XSS tech

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The Mozilla Foundation has released a demonstration of its new Content Security Policy system, designed to prevent cross-site scripting attacks completely.

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LOTA - Lighthouses On The Air!

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I don’t talk about DX very much but I do have a fascination with lighthouses. I  collect the exact replicas and have visited a few here on Long Island.spaceball

Anyway, this is a direct copy of a message that I received. It would be really nice to get a QSL with the photo of a lighthouse on it. For you, I am sure the card would mean something very different.  Oh yeah, I made up the term LOTA  so do bother chasing the term in Google :-)

If you like looking at photos of the lighthouse(s) and a huge amount of other DX information then visit TA0U’s personal Web page.

Here’s a Flickr page with photos of the S.I.L.E. TUR/046 lighthouse and related information.

from    AKUT DXpedition Team < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
to    Undisclosed-Recipient
date    Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 3:46 AM
subject    Light House TUR 046 / TUR 014

The light that embraces the world !!! Since 1859….150 years !!!
The second largest lighthouse in the world…
It still has original crystalls ( 1.5 Tones ) that may move in eight ( 8 ) different direction and flash every 15 seconds….

” Istanbul / S,I.LE Light House  TUR 046 “

Between 17-18 January 2009 TC2SLH was QRV on HF ( SSB )

!!! You can see the pictures on the next link… http://www.ta0u.com/galeri2.asp?id=7

Next week end, 24-25 January 2009 ,  the 4th step and the 3th Light House will be Anadolu Light House / TUR 014…

TC-SWAT and AKUT DXpedition Team will operate to gether the station during all the week-end…

TC-SWAT and AKUT DXpedition Team will be QRV during the following five months from the historical lighthouses around Istanbul / Republic of Turkiye. In collaboration with the Directorate General of Coastal Safety, TC-SWAT and AKUT DXpedition Team is organising the “ Istanbul Lighthouses On The Air ” activity, which will take place from Karaburun ( TUR 036 ), Sile ( TUR 046 ), Anadolu ( TUR 014 ), Ahirkapi ( TUR  056 ), Rumeli/Turkeli ( TUR 053 ), and Fenerbahce ( TUR 021 ) Lighthouses as of last two weekends of December 2008.

The dates, locations and callsigns are as the following:

1.      20-21 & 27-28 December 2008 Karaburun Lighthouse TUR 036 / TC1KLH
2.      17-18 January 2009 Sile Lighthouse TUR 046  / TC2SLH
3.      24-25 January 2009 Anadolu Lighthouse TUR 014  / TC2ALH
4.      21-22 February 2009 Ahirkap? Burnu Lighthouse TUR 056  /  TC1ALH
5.      21-22 March 2009 Rumeli/Turkeli Lighthouse TUR 053  / TC1RLH
6.      4-5 April 2009 Fenerbahçe Lighthouse TUR 021 / TC2FLH

Stations contacting four or more of the lighthouses will recieve “ Istanbul Lighthouses On The Air Award ” .

Details will be later announced on the website;

* http://ta0u.com
* http://tcswat.org

QSL Manager is TA1HZ

AKUT DXpedition Team will be,



TCSWAT Team will be;

TA1FR Leonardo RAGNO
TA2RX Bekir Kemal ATAMAN
***    www.ta0u.com   ***    www.ta0u.com   ***    www.ta0u.com

TC12AKUT was QRV between 1-16 December 2008 for the 12.th Anniv. of AKUT Searc and Rescue Association… You can see the pictures on the next link  http://www.ta0u.com/galeri2.asp?id=6

!!! The movie ( DVD ) of the activity is ready and will be soon published on the web site…  www.ta0u.com  and www.akut.org.tr

if you want to have it pls reply with you post address..

Hope to hear you soon….

Best regards

73! de TA0U
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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