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HP Mini 110, 1101 Netbooks Announced

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Hewlett-Packard today expanded the HP Mini netbook family with three new models - the HP Mini 110 XP Edition and Linux-based HP Mini 110 Mi, both for consumers, and the HP Mini 1101 for business users.

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Canadian Robot Balls Now On US TV

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RollBots comes to the CW4Kids, Saturday mornings at 8! Yay! Yay? And yes, of course the ball bots play bot ball. With balls. MOAR BALLS! I think Ive got an entire episode for you, because why not, after the jump.

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Garmin Nuvi 1490T

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Garmin just introduced the new Garmin Nuvi 1490T. n?vi 1490T is a premium GPS navigation system with a 5 touchscreen and a super slim body that is 25% thinner than previous nuvis.

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Google launches Public DNS

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Google has gone live with a Public DNS service, which offers increased speed and security for domain name lookups completely free of charge.

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Motorola Clutch i465 Announced

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Motorola aims at hard-core texters with their newest phone, the first in their iDEN line of budget mobile phones. The Clutch is one of an increasing number of cheap mobile phones with full QWERTY keyboards for texting.

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Scouts' Voices Span the Globe During Radio Rally:

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There was excitement in the air as two members of the 68 Boy Scout Amateur Radio Club (68BSARC), part of Troop 68 at St. Josep Parish, listened to closely to discern the voices of other current and former Scouts from around the world during the 52nd annual Jamboree on the Air. Travis Ryan and Katey Fecteau, both 12 an members of the local radio club, said they have been ham radio operators for approximately two years. Mike Fecteau, scoutmaster of Troop 68, said the troop has 22 members and seven are licensed ham radio operators. The 68BSARC is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and they operate from ham radio station KB1RSP. The station is located in a small outbuilding behind Holy Trinity Catholic School, which is located next to St. Joseph Parish. Fecteau said that the club was started two years ago when a member of the Troop's committee donated ham radio equipment with the stipulation that at least some of the troop members become licensed operators. The radio club has been able to contact Boy Scouts and other ham radio operators from the local area for three to four months, but, Mike Fecteau, scout master of Troop 68, said, it was only within the last week that they were able to obtain and install an antenna big enough to capture the high international frequencies.

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Amateur Radio Bill Passes Senate, Moves to the House:

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On Monday, December 14, S 1755 -- The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Enhancement Act of 2009 -- passed the Senate by unanimous consent; the bill now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration. Sponsored by Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), S 1755, if passed, would direct the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to undertake a study on emergency communications.

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Epson Predicts Surge of 1080p Projector Sales in 2010

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Epson is the #1 projector provider in the world. They sell a wide variety of projectors for meeting rooms, classrooms, and also the home theater. Recently, the company announced that they predict that home theaters will continue to grow in the next year.

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T-Mobile Adds Voice Search to G1

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The T-Mobile G1 was the first Google Android device to come to market. Like most first to market products, it had its share of glitches and issues.

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Dells Inspiron Mini 9 drops to a delicious $199

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Been brushing the idea of a netbook off for months now? Lets see you ignore this. Hot on the heels of the Inspiron Mini 10 going on sale, Dell has lowered the barrier to entry on its marginally smaller Mini 9 to a rather amazing $199.

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Roccat Kova Review

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We take a look at German gaming gear manufacturer Roccat's Kova mouse, a peripheral that lets you adjust its settings without the need to add another bit of software to your system.

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What Ham Radio talking points need

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Ham radio is a diverse hobby. It’s a technical, engineering, builder, emergency service hobby. But ask most people about ham radio and you get stories of RF interference or a puzzled look followed by a question about 1950. I mean, the Internet obliterated ham radio, didn’t it?

Over at Innismir.net, there is a great dissection of a traditional media article on ham radio from Michigan. And the article isn’t bad. But the end of the post notes this:

Any press is good press they say and getting the hobby out to the general public is a good thing, so props to the Midland ARC for getting coverage and getting a few juicy tidbits out there. However, we, as a hobby, need to work on some talking points on some of the more “exciting” points of Ham Radio. We also apparently need to work on our comparisons.

So what should our talking points be to the traditional media? Here’s a few suggestions:

Ham radio embraces many interests

If we’re a diverse hobby, it should be an advantage. If you are an engineer, you can design antennas, stations or software. If you are a builder, there are kits. If you like the outdoors, you can take radio with you. If you like competition, we have contests. If you like public service, we have it in spades.

The great thing about a diverse hobby is that if you get tired of one thing (DXing, for example), you can learn about a whole different thing (say digital modes) while still staying within the hobby. It’s not like you love trains, then get disinterested, leave your club and friends there, and start over so you can try out planes. Nope. You just start working in this new area.

Ham radio helps the public

While this is the traditional public service message we have, we need to mix in much more of what we have done to advance emergency work. We have an imbedded methodology through ARES that gives us a good process. We have practice sessions to support local emergency teams. We have built digital communications to improve our work with emergency providers. And, yes, when all else fails, we can still get through because of our multiple frequency antennas.

Whether it is Katrina or the Space Shuttle or the local walk for charity, ham radio operators perform in their role of supporting emergency communications and public service.

Ham radio is fun

Sorry, I’m not into something for the drudgery. The numbing going forward of work on stuff that doesn’t even remotely excite me. Whether it is the friendships you develop over time and on the air or investigating a new part of the hobby or meeting up with your buddies in the ham radio club, ham radio is fun. As soon as it isn’t fun, it’s time to try something else in the hobby…because we have a diverse hobby.

What else? What do you think our talking points need when that microphone gets pointed at us for some answers?

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Joystiq is live from Nintendos GDC 2009 keynote

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Our siblings in blogging over at Joystiq are live at the Nintendo GDC keynote right now, which just got underway. Hit up the read link for the full blow-by-blow!.

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Apple previews iPhone OS 3.0, adds copy and paste, push notifications

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As promised, Apple just debuted its upcoming iPhone OS 3. 0. Much of the news seemed developer-centric, but there are certainly plenty of consumer implications down the road, along with long-awaited functions like copy and paste, A2DP, MMS and universal Spotlight search.

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Samsung Releases A600B Projector

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Samsung is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media, and digital convergence technologies. Today the company has announced the release of their latest home theater projector, the A600B, or A600 for short.

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QWERTY iDEN Motorola i465 official press shot leaked

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Well, what do we have here? Yep, thats the Motorola i465, the first iDEN phone with a full QWERTY keyboard in the entire universe in a seemingly official press shot.

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Cooler Master HAF 922 Review

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Summer is here and the heat is on, but some cases just aren't up to keeping your PC cool when the mercury starts to rise. Today we look at the new Cooler Master HAF 922, a case designed for maximum airflow to keep your hardware happy. Is it up to the task? We find out.

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TWIAR 831 possible delay

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Due to family matters with Executive Producer George Bowen, Edition #831 and International #216 may be on hold indefinitely. Please keep him in your thoughts on the loss of his mother.

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Apple sued over multitouch

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Apple has been targeted by chip design firm Elan Microelectronics for allegedly violating a patent on multitouch technologies with the iPhone and iPod Touch ranges.

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Does Nvidia have a future?

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In the first of a regular series of articles looking at the giants of the tech industry, we focus on Nvidia - it's had a torrid time over the past 18 months, but in the past, it's always come back stronger when under pressure, but what does the future hold this time for Nvidia?

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Amateur Radio Reports on GOBA Bikers:

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Final preparations are in the works for this year's Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure in Northwest Ohio. Starting June 20, an estimated 2,700 bicyclists will begin pedaling their way through a week of vacation fun. It's billed as the "largest bicycle ride in the world." Once again, amateur radio is pleased to be the exclusive emergency communications provider for the event. Members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and radio clubs along the route will keep watchful eyes on the participants for their safety. They will also update event organizers as the riders take in some of the best scenery and attractions Northwest Ohio has to offer. "GOBA could not function without amateur radio. When we have messages, they usually are sent simultaneously to multiple persons at many locations. The amateurs do this with ease and great reliability. I can't praise them enough," said GOBA Director Julie Van Winkle. Donating their time and using some very expensive gear, the hams will utilize a ring of repeaters around the course to maintain communications.

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