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Cecil W. Bastian, W2OOG (SK):

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Mr. Bastian, 92, a lifelong resident of Freehold, died July 12, 2009, at home under the care of Hospice. He was an engineer with the U.S. Army Signal Corps. at Fort Monmouth and Camp Evans until his retirement in 1972. Mr. Bastian was a lifelong amateur radio enthusiast and a former member of the civil defense and the Boy Scouts of America. He is survived by his wife, Sally Bastian, of Freehold; a son, William Morgenstern of Jamestown, N.Y.; two daughters, Lynda Campbell of Bristol, R.I., and Susan Borden of Allenhurst; three stepdaughters, Deanna Greenwood of Tinton Falls, Sharon Sickler of Allentown, Pa., and Nancy Maphis of Bethlehem, Pa.; 17 grandchildren and many greatgrandchildren.

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Nissan LEAF-Worlds first affordable, zero-emission car

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Nissan today unveiled Nissan LEAF, the worlds first affordable, zero-emission car. Designed specifically for a lithium-ion battery-powered chassis, Nissan LEAF is a medium-size hatchback that comfortably seats five adults.

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Logbook of The World Updates

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Log of The WorldComplaining, apparently, helps.

After several ARRL directors complained about Log of The World issues, some work got done. Here are the improvements to the Log of The World web site and program:

1. An LoTW user’s corner with quick links to log onto your account, save or renew a certificate and address PC failure.

2. The GET STARTED section has been simplified with links for each of the four steps in the certificate process.

3. LoTW instructions are available in nine foreign languages. These links have always been available but now we have moved them up front to the GET STARTED page.  The languages are identified with icons of flags the nation for each language.

4. The GET STARTED (PDF) file has been updated to include new screen shots and refinement of some of the processes.

5. The software download section now consists of only three icons representing the three operating systems for which software is available. (Windows, Mac, Linux)  The user simply selects their operating system and they are redirected to the download only for their system.

6. A new link has been added for QSL Manager, Club Calls and DXpeditions. This link gives details on establishing account for these special operations and includes a section for 1×1 call signs.

7. A new PowerPoint overview is now available from the LoTW site. This PowerPoint has also been added to our multimedia library. The program is an overview of LoTW and what users can expect from the service.  There are screen shots to explain what the people are viewing and a condensed version of the certificate process as well as the award application process.

Through the efforts of Dave Patton and Jon Bloom, we have also added an automated results table on the Logbook Users Home Page that lists members who have achieved the Triple Play Award in numeric order.

The ARRL is committed to improving the hobby through technology. One of the ways to do so is improve the experience for existing hams. These improvements help that experience.

Hat tip: Dick, W9GIG, the Director for the Central Division posting in the Society of Midwest Contesters e-mail reflector.

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K9JY Hacked!

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The K9JY site was hacked over the last couple of days and you should have seen some weird screen renderings of the site. All should now be good. At least I hope so.

I’m security-minded

I try and not go nuts on the security stuff, but ever since I started putting out the K9JY WriteLog User Site, people started putting me in their Outlook contacts and you know how that goes. The mail lists get hacked and sends out viruses and other assorted malware and then I get all the hacked e-mails filled with the viruses. So I’ve always been careful and, thankfully, have never had my computers hacked from any of that stuff.

And my passwords are relatively bulletproof. The classic strong password generated and installed.

But you can’t prevent everything

In the relatively newest version of the software I use on this site, there was an “XSS” vulnerability identified. On Monday night, I first saw the updated version of the software that fixed the vulnerability. Tuesday morning I was going to install it since installing software at 9 PM in the evening after enjoying wine and company is not exactly the smart approach to doing upgrades.

But, the time I tried on Tuesday morning, it was clear something was not working right — I couldn’t access the admin panel, I couldn’t get any of my posts listed, nor could I list my installed plug-ins. Like, hosed.

Plus, the site, to visitors, would load great. Or not. Or sometimes.

Looking at the server error messages, there were many. With some good help from my hosting company, we eliminated the possible server issues and concluded I’d been hacked. First time ever.

The K9JY Rule of Troubleshooting

That troubleshooting rule is simple: the first thing you fix will reveal the other two things that went wrong in the first place.

So it was here. I couldn’t do the automatic upgrade to the software because I couldn’t access the admin panel to do it. So I quickly learned how to manually get the software, download it, unzip it and then carefully follow the directions to do the upgrade.

Sounds easy and I’ve done this before with other software. But, when it is this site, you get a bit chilled when the first words in the instructions are “delete all XXX files except those you’ve modified.”

The instructions don’t tell you that when the software was originally installed, there were passwords to access the databases for the application. And the database names for the application. Fortunately, I knew that there was a file that had that information in it and downloaded it via FTP to a nice safe place. It was a big potential gotcha. Whew.

Then, I carefully deleted all of the files and kept all of the other non-related platform files, like the layout of the site (called a “theme”) and some plug-ins that make things show up right (like the listing of the most popular posts in the sidebar is done via a plug-in).

Finally, I uploaded the new upgrade, hit the upgrade executable and logged in.

The upgrade was a success. But the problem didn’t go away.

When I logged into the dashboard, I could see that I was on the new version of the software. But I still couldn’t do anything.

So then I re-installed my Theme. Nothing changed.

Then I went to the Plug-ins. I couldn’t see the entire list of installed plug-ins (I wanted to deactivate all of them to get to a vanilla installation), but I could individually click on the plug-in name and go to the settings page for it.

Finally, a plug-in that searches Flickr so I can insert cool pictures on the site (like the pics for Sunspot Saturday) said it needed authentication before it could work. And since I’ve had that plug-in authenticated for about 18-months, something was up. When I went to authenticate it to Flickr, my Flickr account opened and politely told me that something was trying to authenticate with it, but what it was sending to authenticate was crap.

I went and deleted the plugin that interfaced to Flickr and then…finally…all was well.

The admin pages loaded correctly and so did the site. After looking through everything and updating all my stuff in the Theme that was reinstalled, I declared victory.

Another day lost to software infrastructure problems, that thing that is supposed to make us more productive.

The lesson?

The software people are really good at quickly identifying security issues and putting out fixes. Rare that it happens now as the security sweep is part of the overall testing. But hackers love to hack. I just hope that my sites (all the rest were fine) don’t fall into the IP address range the hacker is attacking before installing the fix.

And, yes, I have several weeks of backups, so if push came to shove, I could get all of it back. But, that’s a pain in the rear as well. And takes time and resources to do. And to verify once the backup is done.

But, all is well. At least I learned how to manually upgrade the software and I added a few things to my upgrade checklist.

Now, to turn on the radio.

Copyright © Cube Rules, LLC, 2001 to now. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, mobile phone, or Facebook, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Nehalem EP in the house

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We just thought you’d like to know that a pair of Nehalem EP CPUs arrived in the office today. Nehalem EP is the codename for the Nehalem-architecture Xeons that will replace the Core-architecture Xeon 5400-series later this year.

Like Core i7 CPUs, each Nehalem EP has four physical cores and four logical Hyper-Threaded cores, but two CPUs can be installed in a single motherboard providing 16 cores for the OS to play with.

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Kids increasingly prefer MP3 to superior formats

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Stanford's professor of music reveals that tests with his new students show an increased preference for MP3 files over higher quality formats.

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Mazda Begins Commercial Leasing of Worlds First Hybrid Rotary Hydrogen Vehicle

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Mazda commenced commercial leasing of the Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, a hydrogen hybrid vehicle that offers substantially improved performance thanks to the addition of a hybrid system.

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Sony Ericsson Idou, now in silver?

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So far, weve only seen the Idou in black, but Sony Ericsson does like to play with the palette -- and sure enough, were now seeing a shot of a silver model for the first time.

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This Week in Amateur Radio #826 - Week of February 7, 2009

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Stories covered and special features in This Weeks edition: 01. ARRL Executive Committee issues Mobile Amateur Radio Policy Statement. 02. A California judge rules in amateurs favor in controversial antenna support structure case in the City of Palmdale. 03. ARRL National Convention to be held concurrent with ARRL Expo at Dayton HamVention 2009. 04. Congress passes bill to delay the transition to digital television until June 12, 2009. Stations need to notify FCC if switching on February 17th. 05. North Dakota to offer statewide QSO Party in March. 06. The International Telecommunications Union decides to take a second look at the interference causes of Broadband Over Powerlines. 07. Sweden grants amateurs the use of the six meter band. 08. The Wireless Institute of Australia takes over all amateur radio testing and licensing down-under. 09. Amateurs in Hawaii use the World Wide Web to alert public of proposed cell use ban. 10. GB50BH to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly. 11. The ARRL presents the 2nd Annual Homebrew Challenge. (With details) 12. Awards are conferred at the 2009 ARRL Board of Directors Annual Meeting. 13. Hams assist with communications during wide-spread power outages caused by severe ice storms. 14. World Amateur Radio and Technology News KOREA.............UNVEILS ARDF COMMEMORATIVE STAMP MIDWAY ISLAND ....TO BE AVAILABLE TO HAMS IN OCTOBER CANADA............RAC NEW FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT ELECTED ANTARTICA.........ANTARCTIC STATION ON THE AIR UNTIL FEBRUARY 18 15. Distress beacons at 121.5 and 243 megahertz are being phased out. 16. VK amateurs provide Emergency Communications during wildfires in Australia 17. The ARRL approves limited use of the controversial "CW Skimmer". 18. Belleville, Illinois ARISS contact is now available on YouTube. 19. Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte. 20. Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO. 21. Heil Sound to host NAB 2009 Ham Radio Reception in Las Vegas. 22. TWIAR QSL Cards are now available! Send an e-mail and get yours today! 23. Laura L.Smith is named as replacement for retired Riley Hollingsworth. 24. The Random Access Thought with Bill Baran, N2FNH. "Zoom Day" 25. The Ancient Amateur Archives with Bill Continelli, W2XOY. 26. Courage Handi-Ham System Update with Pat Tice, WA0TDA. 27. A green comet is approaching the earth. (NASA Story) 28. The Gateway 160 Meter Net Report with Vern Jackson, WA0RCR. 29. Special event station listings. 30. Weekly propagation forecast report with Geremy Boot, G4NJH. 31. Ontario Canada puts new cellular phone regulations on hold. 32. NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is ready for launch. 33. The Radio Club of America (RCA) begins a new wide-scale outreach program to interest youth in technology and amateur radio. This Week in Amateur Radio" is a weekly amateur radio audio, on the air, news magazine/bulletin service, produced by a lot of dedicated volunteers, by Community Video Associates, Inc., a New York State not-for-profit corporation. The mailing address for our support fund is: This Week in Amateur Radio Support Fund P.O. Box 30 Sand Lake, New York 12153

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Psystar launches Mac OS install tool

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Psystar has announced the launch of a commercial software package to ease the installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard on non-Apple hardware.

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Forum Modding Update: 19th October 09

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Check out some of the latest modding content from our community!

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Propagation Forecast Bulletin #43 de K7RA:

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A tiny cycle 24 sunspot group numbered 1028 emerged briefly on Tuesday, October 20, then was gone. This is another brief phantom sunspot, teasing us with hints of the expected increase in activity that never seems to manifest. Of course the silver lining in the low solar activity is low geomagnetic activity. While folks in Alaska miss dramatic aurora, HF hams in the northern latitudes can enjoy the bands without all the disruption that comes with geomagnetic storms.

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Apple Satisfies its Lovers: LG Close Behind.

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J. D. Power & Associates released a study today that ranked the level of satisfaction users had with their smartphones and mobile phones. Following expectations, the frenzied hordes of iPhone junkies loved their phones the most.

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Want RC33 without the wait? Theres a way, G1 user

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T-Mobiles taking its sweet time in rolling out RC33 to the masses -- but as usual, theres a way to skirt the process and fast-track it if youre so inclined.

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OtterBox Announces Impact Case for HTC Ozone

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OtterBox has announced a new series of cases that are designed to fit the HTC Ozone smartphone. The new cases include the Impact and Commuter series cases that OtterBox offers for many other handsets that are on the market today.

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Transcend PF830 Digital Photo Frame-a perfect match for your home d?cor or personal style

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With its smooth contoured shape, lustrous gloss finish and subtle etched hexagonal pattern, Transcend PF830 Digital Photo Frame is a perfect match for any home d?cor or personal style.

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Sanyo Announces PLC-XU300, XU305, XU350, and XU355 Projectors

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Sanyo announced today four new projectors that are highly versatile, portable, and perfect for business and classroom presentations. All of these models feature a 500:1 contrast ratio, XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, and the latest in 3LCD display technology.

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Mazda delivers first Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to Iwatani Corporation

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Mazda today delivered the first Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to Iwatani Corporation, an energy development company based in Japan. The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid is Mazdas latest hydrogen rotary engine (RE) vehicle which uses hydrogen as a fuel and features a unique hybrid system.

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Sony Adds InstantON Tech to VAIO P

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We saw the tiny Sony VAIO P Lifestyle PC at CES 2009 and it is small. Sony doesn?t want to call it a netbook, but that is exactly what the little machine is, albeit a very thin and wide one.

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Ideum Demonstrates MT-50 Multitouch Table

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The creators from Ideum are known for creating multitouch tables that rival the quality of the Microsoft Surface table. Their latest creation, the MP-50 is one of the biggest displays they have made yet.

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New Buffalo External 2.5 SSD Enclosures

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Early March 2009, Buffalo announced a new line-up of 2. 5HHD external enclosures designed to appeal to women. Today Buffalo announced they will swap the HDD in these external disks and replace them with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB SSDs.

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