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ARRL Continuing Education Course Registration:

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Registration remains open through Sunday March 8, 2009 for these online course sessions beginning on Friday, March 20, 2009:

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Building your own ambient color lighting bars

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This instructable covers how to build, mount and control LED light bars to provide for full color ambient room lighting as well as ambilight style video effects.

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Leominster Resident Hopes to Stay On Air:

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PLANS to install an amateur radio mast in Leominster have divided the airwaves. Professor Philip Witting wants to construct a 7.1-metre antenna in the garden of his Pinsley Road home. He received a licence 45 years ago and has provided advice and equipment for museums and the emergency services. Permission could lead to school visits and a new amateur radio club, as the nearest ones operate in Worcester and Malvern. But Leominster Town councillors objected to the slimline mast last week after citing concerns with technology and radiation data.

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iRiver E150 is One Pragmatic Player

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More cheap electronics from iRiver. The E150 succeeds the E100, which last we heard was selling for $59 for the 8GB version. Both the E100 and the E100 Season 2 have been reorted to have sold rather briskly in Korea but what iRiver will be looking for in the E150 is US and European success.

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Aliens vs Predator Hands-on Preview

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Joe takes a look at all three campaigns of the new Aliens versus Predator, as well as the new survivor mode. Is the upcoming game a consolified mess? Is it as scary as the 1999 classic? The only way to find out for sure is to read the preview.

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Cooler Master CPU cooler - Hyper 212 Plus with an all-in-one mounting solution

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Cooler Master introduces a new mainstream CPU cooler - Hyper 212 Plus. Succeeding the popular Hyper 212, the Hyper 212 Plus carries on the legacy of providing a good balance of performance and noise level during high and low speed operations.

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UK Foundation holder talks to astronaut on space station

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Callum Graham MM3YCG recently had a contact with astronaut Mike Fincke who was onboard the International Space Station Astronaut Mike Fincke holds the Amateur Radio callsign KE5AIT but for this contact he was using the International Space Station callsign of NA1SS

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Amateur Radio Club Members Tune Into Drill:

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If cell phone and telephone systems are knocked out during a disaster, at least three people at the Health Sciences campus stand a chance of reaching out to the outside world. Madeline Bauer, Herb Meiselman and Stanley Tahara will test their amateur radio skills during the Great California ShakeOut at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday. While rescue crews work with mock "victims" during the earthquake drill, Bauer, Meiselman and Tahara will staff their amateur radios, testing communication capabilities that will be critical if a real disaster happens. Once a week, the amateur radio team tests its equipment by calling each other on each campus. Getting involved on the team seemed like a natural outgrowth of interest in amateur radio.

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3G iPod Touch with Camera gets leaked, Cocktail to be announced in September

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The iPhone and iPod Touch are almost identical if not for the latters inability to make calls, lack of Bluetooth, and missing camera. Well, thats about to change based on this leaked image of what could be the 3rd generation iPod Touch.

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Mitsubishi Releases XD280U and XD250U Projectors

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Mitsubishi is proud to announce today the release of two brand new projectors designed for the education market. The XD280U and XD250U both feature the same 2000:1 contrast ratio and native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution.

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S001: Sony Ericssons Cyber-Shot Phone for AU

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Heres the S001, a 8. 1Mpix Cyber-Shot camera phone from Sony Ericsson for AU (KDDI in Japan). It features basic camera functions like AF, face recognition, Smile Shutter, ISO up to 1600, and a nice 3.

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Razer Mamba

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No it's not a typo: the Razer Mamba is a wireless gaming mouse that costs the best part of £120. Razer claims it has incorporated wireless technology that matches a wired connection for responsiveness, and if that's not enough to whet your appetite, maybe the 5,600dpi count or Rolex-style packaging will be.

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How would you change 3Ms MPro110 pocket projector?

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The pico projector market has practically exploded over the past six months or so, but all the while it was 3Ms MPro110 leading the charge. Given that youve now had a few months to toy with it, were wondering if this thing really has lived up to the hype.

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Artificial Robotic Hand Transmits Feeling To Nerves

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DEKAs prosthetic robot arm is commonly referred to as the Luke arm, but this new robotic hand may be more appropriate for that title, at least as far as the movie goes.

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Intel to release Core i7 975, new D0 stepping soon?

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Although most of the world is hurting right now because of the economic slowdown, Intel looks set to release a new high-end Core i7 processor in the coming weeks or months following some early benchmark results which have appeared on the Xtreme Systems forums.

Intel to release Core i7 975, new D0 stepping soon? Intel to release Core i7 975, new D0 stepping soon

Xtreme Systems honcho Charles 'Fugger' Wirth teamed up with Corsair, Gigabyte and Intel to break the 3DMark05 world record, stealing it back from Team Finland, who put AMD back on top in this benchmark for the first time in a long time. He broke the previous record of 45,474 with his pair of Radeon HD 4870 X2s humming along at their stock speeds and clocked up a new highest score of 47,026.

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RIM Bringing Full Flash Support to BlackBerries

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Huge news, BlackBerry addicts! According to Boy Genius RIM is in the process of integrating full Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support to the BlackBerry web browser.

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Scott Redd, K0DQ: The Biggest Gun of All

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Vice Admiral John Scott Redd, K0DQ (US Navy, retired) has, throughout his 36 year military career, helped to make the world a safer place. From postings in Uruguay to Iraq to serving as Commander of the Navy's Fifth Fleet as a naval officer, to becoming Director of National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), Redd has served his country with distinction. Earlier this year, President George W. Bush presented him with the National Security Medal in a White House ceremony for "his more than 40 years of exceptional service to the Nation, strengthening its intelligence capabilities and improving national security." President Bush called Redd "an innovator, a strategic thinker, an inspirational leader and a dedicated servant to the Nation, respected for his vision, courage and integrity." But intermingled in his Navy career was Amateur Radio. This year, Redd, an active DXer and contester, became the first person ever to win all six of the major HF contests: The ARRL International DX Contests (SSB and CW), the CQ World Wide Contests (SSB and CW) and the CQ Worked All Prefix (WPX) Contests (SSB and CW).

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Samsung SCH-W740 Haptic 8MP Camera Phone unveiled

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Samsung unveiled the new SCH-W740 Haptic 8MP camera phone in Korea. The Samsung SCH-W740 features besides a cool 8MP camera, 3. 3 inch touchscreen, Samsungs Haptic UI, HSUPA, DMB TV, Bluetooth, Xenon flash, auto focus, smile shot, and business card scanner.

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Ham Radio Helps Out with Mountain Rescue

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It was a quiet afternoon on July 11 and Rich Lippucci, KI6RRQ, of Vista, California, was monitoring the Catalina Amateur Radio Association (CARA) repeater on his base station. "I heard someone come over the repeater, calling, 'Is there anybody listening?' I responded and the caller said he was on his handheld transceiver hiking around the Mt Baldy area. He was about 2.5 miles off road and resting at the wilderness San Antonio Ski Hut. A few hikers had arrived from farther in the backcountry -- one of their friends had broken an ankle and was a mile or more up the trail and they needed help." Mt Baldy is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains and the highest point in Los Angeles County.

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Maingear intros Remix workstation for the creative professional

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We tell ya, Maingear doesnt get a lot of play amongst the big timers like Dell and HP, but it sure knows how to crank out machines that are just different enough to be worth examining.

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Ham Radio Clubs Need After Action Reviews

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Ham radio is a hobby, of course. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from others in making ham radio better. In this particular case, ham radio clubs have a series of activities they do with their members. Whether this activity is Field Day, providing public service communications to the community or providing storm spotting support, these activities show the ham radio hobby to others.

After the events, we talk about them, of course. Most clubs will spend a good deal of time talking about Field Day at their next club meeting, for example. Often, however, the information is anecdotal and not recorded. And our opportunity for improvement is lost. Why is it important to do an after action review?

Ham radio needs effective support to government agencies

Many clubs support Emergency Operations of their local governments. By providing an alternative communications channel, especially for health and welfare communications, ham radio provides a significant service. Yet, poorly run activities that never yield improvements hurt our perception and rightly so.

Ham radio needs effective public relations

When we go out in the community and provide communications support for parades, runs, walks and other public activities, we are placing the reputation of the hobby on the line. The people in these events are our neighbors — the very people we need supporting us for antenna placement, tower approvals and other support for our hobby. Doing a poor job in these activities hurts our reputation with the very people we need to help us.

Ham radio needs effective After Action Reviews

Let’s borrow an effective technique from the Army called the After Action Review. A formal process used after every patrol and mission, the After Action Review is used to improve what is done in the field and is a major reason for the effectiveness of the Army today. There are four questions to ask after the event. The answers are recorded and then the improvement suggestions are integrated into the next event. The questions are:

  1. What was expected to happen? We had goals for the event; a review of the goals.
  2. What actually occurred? We planned it one way and had certain goals; did the event go according to plan?
  3. What went well and why? We need to maximize what went well for the next time.
  4. What needs improvement and how? One can’t criticize alone; we need to explain how something can improve the next time and figure out how to build that into the plan for next time. Also note this is not “went wrong.” Wrong implies blame. But stuff always goes “wrong” in an event so the issue is focusing on improvement.

Using this more formal review technique after ham radio club events will go a long way to focusing the members on improvements without going the blame route. And building in the review and the improvements for next time help our cause with the people we need to support our hobby.

How has your club improved its activities through a review process?

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