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Stephanie is Youngest Radio Amateur in the UK:

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STEPHANIE Gregory is all EARS -- and she couldn't be happier she's making waves. The bubbly seven-year-old is the youngest licensed radio amateur in the United Kingdom. And it's all down to the help and support she's been given as a member of the Elderslie Amateur Radio Society (EARS). Stephanie has just passed her amateur radio exams which means she no longer has to operate from the radio club under supervision.

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Tanitas BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor wirelessly sends embarrassing weight details

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Remember all those ANT+ wireless peripherals that were supposed to come flooding out after the introduction of Garmins FR60 Fitness Watch? We suppose said flood has to start somewhere, and this is it.

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Centenarian Returns To the Airwaves:

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The crackle emanating from the little black box transported Ethel Williamson back in time a few decades and whisked her halfway around the world at the same time. The former lighthouse keeper, who turns 103 in March, clapped her hands in delight as the voice of a stranger in Melbourne, Australia, broke the static on the little ham radio that sits by the window in her room at a St. Catharines long-term- care home. "Can you imagine what it is?" she said Monday afternoon, shortly after chatting to the man through the radio's hand-held microphone. "To be able to talk to Australia -- it's a miracle, it really is." It had been at least 20 years since Williamson had spoken to anyone via radio, but the Welland branch of the Handy Ham Amateur Radio Club of Canada set up a radio for her at Niagara Ina Grafton Gage Village so she could get back on the airwaves. "I can't believe that. It's wonderful, it's just wonderful," she said after testing it out the first time. Williamson learned how to operate ham radios after the Second World War when she and her late husband, Cyril, raised their sons, Doug and Bruce, while running the Port Weller lighthouse. The couple lived at the landmark overlooking the lake for 25 years. Williamson learned Morse code and earned her radio operator's licence nearly 60 years ago, taking the call letters she still has today -- VE3DTW.

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m-Book D900 from Mouse Computer, the ultimate BTO notebook with Hybrid SLI.

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Mouse computer announced a new BTO (Build To Order) campaign for its m-Book D900 available with Nvidias Hybrid SLI Technology (GeForce 9600M GS in a NVIDIA MCP79MH Chipset).

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STMicroelectronics announces low-power processor chip for Machine-to-Machine Cellular Connections

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STMicroelectronics has announced a robust low-power processor chip dedicated to managing SIM data for machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular communications.

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Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 unboxing

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Heres a note to humans of the future who may one day mail a limited edition Xbox 360 to someone at Engadget: stick it inside another box. Seriously -- the above picture is exactly how it arrived.

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WN-LA, I-O Datas Latest Wireless LAN Converter

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The WN-LA/C is I-O Datas latest wireless LAN converter for connecting a TV to a network wirelessly at 300Mbps. Thanks to its Night Mode, the WN-LA/C automatically shuts-down and wakes-up when needed, allowing I-O Data to claim a 30% decrease in energy consumption.

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google talk voice chat on GNU/Linux

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Since this year March, I had been a heavy user of VoIP. I had been trying various options, asking other users on which service works best and so on. If not for VoIP, I would have been spending massive amount of money on Telephone to call home. One of the hard requrement was that it should run on GNU/Linux and should be Free (as in Freedom). But after trying out afew programs, I decided to relax that condition and decided to be a bit more pragmatic, but this requirement was always in the back of my mind. I had been mainly using Google Talk and occassionally Skype. I like the voice quality provided by Google Talk very much and the simplicity of their client program. The only bad part had been that it works only on Windows. I had to boot into Windows (which came pre-installed) on my laptop. Not anymore..

Google released the library called libjingle. I (together with my friend Anoop) was one of the first to try it out way back in 2006 if I remember - in vain. But last week I started looking into libjingle again. The inspiration came from this page and after afew late night hacking, it all works and this post will enable the reader equipped with a GNU/Linux machine to do it too. From now on, I am going (if time permits) to maintain a branch of libjingle and hope to release updated versions and also integrate it with a simple chat client. Those are for later.

0. Download the tarball. All the required changes to get libjingle to compile and work, is in this tarball.

1. Install SSL, ALSA libraries, Speex development files (i.e. libssl-dev, libasound2-dev, libspeex-dev). Needless to say, you need to have a working toochain setup. If not install gcc 4.x and its cousins.

2. libjingle 0.4.0 specifically depends on ortp 0.7.1. This will change in future, one of the things in my list is to make it work on the current latest version of ortp. ortp-0.7.1 is included in the above tarball. Do:

./configure && make && make install

This should install ortp libraries and header files into /usr/local.

3. Install iLBC libraries. Do:

$ cd msilbc-2.0.0

$ tar zxvf ilbc-rfc3951.tar.gz

$ cd ilbc-rfc3951

$ ./configure && make

$ sudo make install

iLBC is a royalty free codec, supposedly. But the version of code which is included in the above tarball is not really Free as in Freedom. One can use it only for non-commercial personal use. The specification are however, freely available, for anyone to implement a Free version. Any volunteers?

4. Go into libjingle-0.4.0 directory. Do:

./configure --with-speex=/usr --with-ilbc=/usr/local

After afew minutes of compilation, you will have the library and the programs in the example directories built.

5. Go to talk/examples/call. Run:


Alternatively, you can do a make install and just invoke call. call -d spits out some of the xmpp traces and debug information which was very valuable in debugging certain stuff.

It will ask you your JID. Give the full gmail ID (for eg: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and give the password. I think the rest of the things are self-explanatory. It has a very simple command system. Type roster to see who is online or away. Use ‘call’ to call someone. Once you are in a call, it gives you another set of commands to hangup or mute/unmute calls.

6. There are afew issues with the program and occassional crashes. We will fix them on the way.

7. Please report success, problems and fixes to my email ID.

8. I have started maintaining my own svn repository of this code with the aim of improving it a bit. Contributors are welcome. I will publish the repository when I have something to show. One of my goals with libjingle is to do remote amateur radio operation. i.e. Control, recieve and transmit the radio sitting at your house connected to a computer and a broadband connection from anywhere in the world. What has been accomplished is just a baby step.

Surprisingly, I found in the initial xmpp capability exchanges that the latest windows build of google chat client is not using speex. It uses a bunch of propreitary codecs which is not supported by the above code, so it switches to the PCM/U at 8kHz sampling rate. [Update: Looks like I was wrong. Speex seem to be well supported. Sorry for misinformation.]

A big thanks to Google to publish libjingle as free software. The libjingle documentation is also a great piece of work. It will be a shame if no one used it to the maximum.

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DX News -- ARRL DX Bulletin #17:

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This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by NC1L, PS7AB, QRZ DX, the OPDX Bulletin, DXNL, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all.

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ZuneHD Powered by NVIDIA Tegra

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Neowin has the official specs of the ZuneHD. Very, very exciting news for the PMP world as the NVIDIA Tegra rumor has been confirmed, among others.

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The New Huawei Android 8220?

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Weve been waiting since June for news about the new Android smartphone from Chinese handset maker Huawei. Now according to TmoNews that wait might nearly be over.

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Japanese Actress RyokoYonekura wears a 21-million-yen Fendi fur jacket at the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe

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Mercedes-Benz Japan launched a new special limited edition in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe. The new special limited edition E 350 Coup? designo edition adds special interior/exterior features to the standard equipment of the basic model.

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Google Grabs 1 Million Phone Numbers for Voice.

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Weve known for a while that Google Voice was the next step on Googles road to world domination. Over the last few weeks weve been tantalized with rumours of just when the new service would be available to the public.

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Light Blue Optics Releases Light Touch Projector at CES

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< > Last week, Light Blue Optics announced it. Today, the company is officially releasing their Light Touch pico projector. This device is one of the first of its kind.

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Exploding Robot SnakeCam

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Weve seen our share of robot snakes, but as far as I can remember, this is the first one that can blow itself up. Oh, its designed to do plenty of other things too The Israelis have developed it primarily for surveillance.

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Hacker creates SSLstrip package

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A hacker at the Black Hat conference has demonstrated a tool dubbed SSLstrip, which is capable of fooling browsers into giving up SSL encrypted data.

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Police will use GPS Bait Bikes

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Starting fall semester University of Minnesota police will implement a Bait Bike program to put an end to ever increasing bike theft problem around campus.

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WiMax Ready Toshiba dynabook SS RX2

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Toshiba unveiled this morning their first official WiMax Notebook for the Japanese market, the dynabook SS RX2/WAJ, which also features a 512GB SSD, and a Core 2 Duo SU9400 CPU This Notebook will be available at the end of July in Japan and will cost around 438000 (3190).

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TWIAR 831 possible delay

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Due to family matters with Executive Producer George Bowen, Edition #831 and International #216 may be on hold indefinitely. Please keep him in your thoughts on the loss of his mother.

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Shaking Hip USB Banpresto Official launches, with real life Shaking Hips

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Yesterday Banpresto invited us to their Shaking Hip USB official Launches Remember this nice little USB toys in Shape of Japanese hips which happen to shake like crazy once plugged to your PC ? ( Shaking Hip USB Every Male Geeks Dreamed Come True) Anyway Yesterday in Akihabara, Banpresto organized for some selected journalist a little Press conference for the launch of their new USB Toys, with real live hips as well as organizing a little promotional launches in-front of a famous Store in Akihabara Has you may already figured out we were among these journalist and here you are some photo of the event Enjoy ! .

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MWC day three: return of the Jedi

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Okay, an Android RAZR would have been amazing, but sadly Motorola didnt announce anything at all at MWC, so our dreams are on hold for the moment.

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