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Meizu M8 defies the odds and officially goes on sale - again

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Word on the street has it that the Meizus M8 -- that vaporous iPhone killer from the east -- is now officially on sale, as of February 18.

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1080p SmartQ V7 Priced at $220 Running on Linux, Android, WinCE 6.0?

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The Multimedia Internet device that goes by the name of SmartQ V7 should now be ready for order. It isnt cheap, based on the lack of information on storage.

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IARU HF World Championships: Coming to a Radio Near You

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Radiosport fans are gearing up for the summer's biggest competition: The IARU HF World Championships. Calling the 24 hour long contest "an HF operator's delight," ARRL Contest Branch Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, explained that the contest will allow amateurs plenty of opportunity to work DX from all around the globe on CW and SSB, as well as make QSOs with many IARU Member-Society club stations and officials.

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Video Friday: RoboGorilla Chases Pugeot

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I dont know what the deal is with French car companies and robot car commercials. Come to think of it, I dont know what the deal is with the two robot gorilla things today, either.

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Sharp Display Products launching April 1 as base for joint venture with Sony

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Its been just over a year since we first heard that your next Sony LCD TV may actually be a Sharp, and while the joint venture has been flipped on and off again during the past 13 months, it seems that the stars are finally aligning in order to make this thing happen.

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social networking

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The so called “social networking” websites seem to be the new craze (or is it already too old?). I used to have an account in facebook and orkut for more than 2 years and it was mainly used to connect back to classmates and the likes. But it turned out to be a distraction, atleast for a while. One just connects to a friend and almost never talks to him or her again thru these websites. Instead we post what we ate for breakfast, what new year resolutions we took etc etc – those phrases which carry zero information. And some people use it to show off their new materialistic possessions like their new Honda Cities and their newly built houses and their latest trip across atlantic etc.One can easily sink an hour a day browsing from a link to another without leaving facebook.com.

In the end, I decided that my time is more precious and enough is enough. So I am facebook/orkut free from today. Facebook incidentally only de-activates the account.

I didn’t tell my friends in facebook or orkut that I am leaving. But I guess in the true spirit of social networking, they don’t care, so it doesn’t matter.

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Field Day Highlights Emergency Preparedness:

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Thousands of amateur radio operators from all over the United States will be showing off their emergency capabilities the weekend of June 27-28, including a contingent from The Colony. The Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub, which also covers Lewisville, Flower Mound, Little Elm, Plano, and Frisco, will be demonstrating amateur radio and emergency preparedness starting at noon June 27 at the Lakeview Arts Center/American Legion Hall behind the Denton County Courts Building at 6301 Main St. in The Colony. The public is invited to attend and learn about ham radio and how to get involved before disaster strikes. LAARK representative and The Colony resident Dan Howard said the event, known as Field Day, is about both demonstrating the capabilities of amateur radio as well as recruiting volunteers willing to take part in emergency situations should they arise. "What we're trying to do is create a volunteer base that has communications skills and abilities in the event of an emergency. Field Day is really about disaster preparedness and supporting the city," Howard said. "That's the backbone of an amateur radio club. All the volunteers that help the National Weather Service in the county are hams. We're integrated into (the region's) emergency disaster plans."

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After False Starts, Midway Island DXPedition Off to Good Beginning:

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After the airplane scheduled to take the K4M DXpedition team from Honolulu to Midway Island developed engine trouble, there was doubt as to if the team would even make it to the island.

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Wythall Rally 8th March

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Wythall Radio Club will be holding their 24th Radio and Computer Rally on Sunday 8th March 2009

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Robotic Wall Knows What You Want

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Walls. Theyre all around you. They keep your roof from falling on your head, they keep your neighbors from seeing you naked, and theyre convenient to hang stuff on.

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MSI R4770 first 40 nanometer graphics processor for energy-efficient Performance

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MSI today announced their latest 40 nanometer AMD Radeon HD 4770 GPU-based graphics card, the MSI R4770 series. In contrast to the traditional 55 or 65 nanometer graphics processors, the MSI R4770 is using the brand new 40 nanometer graphics processor allowing the overall design to dramatically reduce the space being occupied by the power circuitry and pipelines.

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Samsung IT100 and PL65 (SL820 and SL620 in U.S) digital cameras with powerful intelligent features

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Samsung today announced two new point-and-shoot digital cameras, the IT100 and PL65 (SL820 and SL620 in U. S). The stylish and advanced, 12. 2 mega-pixel IT100 and PL65 allow consumers to experience higher-end features and performance at more affordable prices.

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Five LGA1156 coolers tested on Lynnfield

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We've tested five coolers that are not only on sale now, but are also ready to fit Intel's forthcoming LGA1156 Lynnfield CPUs. Get ready for Lynnfield by bagging your LGA1156-compatible cooler before the rush. Read on to find out which can handle a big overclock the best.

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Palit GeForce GTX 275

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With its latest graphics card, the GTX 275, Nvidia seems to be onto a winner, and board partner Palit is getting in on the action with a custom cooled, custom PCB version of the GTX 275 that sells for a bargain price tag. Is it too good to be true? We find out!

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Fusion-io nabs more funding, teases new PCIe-based ioSAN

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Given Fusion-ios dominance in the SSD-on-a-PCIe-card arena, we arent at all shocked to hear that it just landed a nice fat check in its Series B funding efforts.

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Shuttle Unveils ES Nettops

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Shuttle is all set to officially launch its new Nettop computers at Computex next month. The machines are the XS92 and the XS92F. Both of the nettops will be powered by the VIA Nano CPU.

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TIs OMAP 3 hardware doesnt manage to do Windows Mobile 6.5 any favors

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We were really impressed with Texas Instruments OMAP 3-based mobile development platform when we saw it running Android earlier today, and the hardware seems to hold up well to all sorts of video-accelerated magic for a multitude of Linux-based interfaces.

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Fraunhofer to Demo CD-quality Mobile Phone Calls at MWC

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Mobile World Congress in Spain is coming up soon and at the show, we will see all sorts of new mobile phone related gear break cover. One of the things that will be shown off at the show will be the new Fraunhofer Audio Communication Engine.

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Optoma Reveals HD8600 Projector

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Optoma is one of the many presenters at this years CEDIA Expo. At booth #1565 you can see some of their new and upcoming projector like the HD8600.

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Panasonic Unveils Worlds first professional fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder

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Panasonic will release the worlds first professional, fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder in Fall 2010. In Panasonics new Full HD 3D camcorder, the lenses, camera head, and a dual Memory Card recorder are integrated into a single, lightweight body.

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'Hams' Keep Handcart Parade Rolling:

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BOUNTIFUL -- Lots of hands and cool heads make for a successful Handcart Days Parade. Among the hundreds of volunteers who will make it look like a smooth, easy operation this year are 47 amateur radio or "ham" operators. They'll be there at the Five Points Roundabout on 1500 South mid-afternoon, July 23, lining floats and entries up, making sure each group is properly situated to make the parade stroll up Main Street to Bountiful City Park. And they'll be doing a lot more than that, says Gary Johnson, who is in his ninth year coordinating much of the behind-the-scenes magic that makes the parade run. Preparations started in March for this year's ham operators' involvement, which is multi-faceted. At the parade staging area, ham operators print maps determining where various entries should be placed. Entries start arriving at the staging area several hours before the parade's start. Ham operators call out every entry before the parade, to determine who might not have shown up, or is late.

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